Why the plaster

A Tuscan tradition which must be passed down

For over 120 years, many new techniques of manufacturing Nativity figures and religious statues have born, which allow mass production and finer details. Arte Barsanti has remained faithful to the traditional plaster manufacturing, and is probably the only one in Italy to do it. Let us discover together the advantages of chalk.

The alabastrine plaster used to manufacture the figures is a natural material so that the entire process, entirely handcrafted, is 100% ecological and its waste can be fully disposed.

Furthermore, chalk is the material that represents the historical Tuscan tradition of the Nativity. Starting from ancient times, figures were made in plaster, and Arte Barsanti still preserves the original casts and largely uses them for its production; these casts date back 100 years, thus keeping the Tuscan tradition alive.

By using the original casts, one can recognize the typical forms and features of 1900s sculpture, with all the traits that characterised it, something unique which cannot be found in the production of modern sculpture. 

The manufacturing of plaster figures is totally handcrafted, and this can be seen even in the finished product, marked with little imperfections that contribute to personalise each of them. Every figure is unique, since they are made one at a time with a specific cast, naturally dried and painted by hand with care, accuracy and passion.