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The company

In Bagni di Lucca Carmelo opened a workshop specialized in plaster statues, sacred art and Christmas cribs.
That workshop is still open today, passed from generation to generation: from Carmelo to his son Fedele, from Fedele to his daughter Maria and her husband Pierangelo Fiori, an nowadays, from them to their son Simone. An extraordinary workshop that has also received the official recognition of the European Union.
At present the production is mainly specialized in sacred statues with a wide assortment of Holy Christmas cribs characters, made with the antique moulds and definitively uniques. The production is still handicraft in all the phases: from the plaster casting to the brush-made decoration, following the same methods since three generations.
During these years the products has been successfully sold not only in italy but also in europe and worldwide. Among the others, also the Pope Giovanni Paolo II and Queen Mother Elizabeth owned pieces produced by Arte Barsanti.
From December 2009 a crib in exposed in the Betlemme International Nativity Museum.